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Quite sure, you're one of those people who keep on asking " What is farina " Well, I'd be glad to share with you some interesting information that will help you understand this essential, tasty ingredient. So, stay tuned!


What is Farina?

What is Farina

Farina is a Latin word which means flour or meal. It is popularly known as a milled cereal grain, frequently made from the endosperm and wheat germ <the wheat kernel's inner part>. Often, it is used for making pasta and hot cereal for breakfast.

When enriched, farina is highly regarded as one of the excellent sources of dietary iron. So for those vegetarian dieters, you should try the wonders of this fantastic ingredient for your figure and health. However, this farina as well consists of gluten, so it's a big NO for individuals with a strict gluten-free diet.

With a bland flavor profile, farina complements well with all toppings. Some of my favorite farina toppings are fruits, cinnamon, honey and mixed maple. Since it is lightly ground, you can prepare it with less time and hassle.

Farina vs. Semolina vs. Cream of Wheat


Farina, semolina, and cream of wheat are often baffled by some. All of them are porridge-style hot cereals but are entirely different when it comes to contents.

* ​Farina vs. Semolina

Semolina is made from hard durum wheat, yellow and is the main ingredient of Italian pasta. Farina, on the other hand, is made from soft wheat and is the main ingredient of cream of wheat. The taste, however, differs.

Do not substitute farina for hard wheat semolina or vice versa; otherwise, the results will make you pull a face. Semolina dramatically works as an alternative to cornmeal. Bakers usually use semolina especially in the bread to improve the crust taste. 

* Farina vs. Cream of Wheat

Cream of wheat is made of similar wheat germ in farina, plus the color and texture can be compared to grits. Though, it is finely ground which makes the color lighter and the texture smoother.

Both offer some iron. While the cream of wheat lack in fiber, farina offers 13% of the RDA in every cup <1 serving>. However, farina contains more amounts of calories and carbohydrates than cream of wheat. 

Watch the video below to learn more:

Health Benefits of Farina


Farina is believed to be one of those few healthy, worthy options not just for breakfast. Not convinced enough? Here are the health benefits of farina that will surely entice you to have one on your table.

  • Vitamin B. Vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, and niacinamide are present in farina. Particularly for pregnant women, taking this ingredient is advantageous to help reduce conditions such as spina bifida and cleft palate among babies.
  • Calcium. Farina is packed with calcium carbonate, which is helpful in improving your muscles and bone density. Three tablespoons of dry cream of wheat offer 235 milligrams of calcium. When coupled together with a cup of non-fat milk, you can get up to 551 milligrams of calcium.
  • Iron. In the formation of red blood cells, iron plays a crucial role. Lack of iron can eventually lead to anemia, so have a quantity of it in your body by adding farina into some of your favorite recipes. A serving of farina contains 11 milligrams of iron.
  • Protein and Carbohydrate. Farina is also a great source of natural carbohydrate and whole-meat. As the biggest part of the kernel, it consists of a massive quantity of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates which our body critically needs for day-to-day activities.

Tips on Making Farina


Now that you know what is farina and how helpful it is to your body and mind, you are fully ready to prepare it. Below are few tips you should follow on making farina.

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    Simmer 1 cup of water and a nip of salt. Then, add a quarter cup of farina. Stir until it becomes thick (thickness may vary according to your desire).
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    Add your favorite toppings. My favorites are a nip of cinnamon, sliced bananas and a mixture of syrup (Yummy!)
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    If you want to make it more delectable, I recommend you to add cheese, salsa or fried egg, along with the perfect seasonings and sauces.

Now, it is ready to serve and eat!

Added tip: You must only mill farina according to your needs because it goes bad quickly since it does not include preservatives. Keep it in a sealed container at room temp.

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Final Thoughts


If you prefer eating healthily without consuming big bucks, then it is the best time to try eating farina. This incredible ingredient does wonders in making your snacks tastier, aside from making hot cereals.

I hope you found this article helpful in answering your question " What Is Farina " Have one for your meal, and I assure you, this would become one of your favorites <and even your family and friends!>.

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