What is The Best Way to Store Juice to Keep it Fresh and Tasty

I often have fresh fruit juice as my little snack to re-energize. The best is to use it up right after making. But making juice is not a quick and easy affair. Therefore, finding the best way to store juice is a good solution to help us enjoy fresh fruit juice at any time we want. 

There is no doubt that you’re the hardworking people. No matter what type of work you’re doing. Perhaps it requires strength, energy, and effort both physically and mentally. But every time your body and mind do not work at random. Sometimes the conditions or the situations play a significant role to make you tired while working. You may feel a loss of energy and your throat may be dried up.

At this point of time having only a glass of water is not the right thing to do . You have to re-energize and refresh your body and mind so that you can put the right effort into your work again. If you want to recover yourself then what better you could ask for that having a glass of juice? 

What is A Juice?

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A juice is nothing but a tasty and flavored drink made of the extracts from different fruits, either single flavor or mixed. Moreover, juice contains several essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibers, and enzymes that are good resources of energy and using purified water for preparing juice keeps your drink safe from contamination. Having a glass of juice after or during your job gives you the much-needed freshness that requires most to perform better.

How to Consume Juice?

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Having a glass of juice means you’re going to get all these benefits, but to get the best result out of it, the juice must be freshly-made. Because the contents of a juice may be badly influenced by air, light, and time and any of these may be the reason behind the degeneration of your juice.

While juicing the enzymes and other nutrients of the fruits and vegetables are released from the fiber. After being exposed to the air the juice becomes oxidized and less nutritional. So, keeping this factor in mind, it is better to drink your juice immediately after being prepared. Fresh juice should be taken within 20 minutes of juicing.

The Purpose of Storing Juice

But making juice is not a quick and easy affair. It takes a lot of time and effort and in today’s busy schedules you’re not allowed to manage enough time to prepare fresh juice for every time.

 So, it will be good to make a certain amount of juice ahead of time and store it for later use. Now it is important to know some easy steps that can help to extend the juice’s self-life. Let's go with me to find the best way to store juice.

Using Different Juicers

Juicer is an appliance that extensively used to extract juice from fruits. Generally, there are different types of juicers but if the juice is processed in cold press juicer then you can preserve the juice for 72 hours in the refrigerator, on the other hand, the centrifugal juicer gives you only 24 hours to consume the juice that you have extracted from fruits. But one thing you should remember, if you don’t keep your juice inside the fridge, you may preserve your juice for a maximum of 4 hours.

And if you require to keep your juice fresh and tasty for some more time then while storing into the fridge you have to add ½ - 1 lemon into the juice. This works as an antioxidant to keep your juice safe from oxidation.

But before thinking about storing, there is an appliance that may not be ignored as it takes a vital role in preparing juice and that is a blender with the best quality that helps to mix all the ingredients properly to make a tasty juice.

Using Glass Container

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After processing, you have to think of the storing and for that which type of container should be taken. Usually, keeping any kind of organic food in a plastic container for a longer period is not a good idea. Because, the acidic contents of your food can leach into the plastic and on the other hand, the chemicals like BPA of plastic can leach into the food. This can damage your food and certainly, the juice is the worst sufferer among all.

Therefore, juice should always be stored in a glass container. A wide-open-mouth Mason jar is the best option for this purpose. The rubber seal around the lid of this kind of jar prevents oxygen from adding with the juice and in this way; you can keep your juice safe from oxidation. If you want to keep your juice here for some more time then you have to fill your jar with a brim to eliminate trapped air from inside the jar.

Keeping Juice Cold

The best thing that you can do for your juice is keeping it at the coolest temperature. It means, storing in a refrigerator. It always prevents bacterial growth into the juice and also slows down the fermentation process. In this way, the juice remains fresh for a longer period.

There is one more thing; you can toss the juice in the freezer to get some extended life of your juice. But there is a problem, keeping juice in a freezer can reduce the activity of the nutritional contents of your juice rather than keeping it in a refrigerator and this may cause of diminishing the quality of your juice.

Keeping Juice in Air-Free Environment

This is probably one of the vital things that you should keep in your mind; the best way to keep your juice fresh is to keep in a vacuum environment. By exposing your juice in the air may reduce the quality of your juice. You have to remove the air from the container the juice is stored.

You may take the help of a vacuum sealing device to remove all the remaining air from inside the container. Besides, you can overfill the container with juice or purified water so that there would be very little space remains for the air inside the container.

Final Words

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Although it has been told how to keep your juice fresh and tasty for a long period, the best thing is to consume the fresh-made juice as soon as possible. This only can provide all the benefits of nutrients that present in your juice. But if you have no option left except storing your juice for quite a longer period, then without giving a second thought, try to follow the ways that I have told so far. I hope you will find them convenient to perform. Good Bye!!

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