What to Serve with Stuffed Peppers: The Best Pairings


Looking for ideas on what to serve with stuffed peppers? This post will let you in on some of the best ingredients that will go well with these vibrant veggies! These can be eaten on their own, but they’re way better when paired with other dishes!

I’m a huge fan of stuffed bell peppers, and I would always experiment on different kinds of stuffing. I’ve served this a couple of times in potlucks, and I would always get compliments <especially my vegan recipe, which I’ll be discussing below>.

Good luck!


What to Serve with Stuffed Peppers: 6 Unique Ideas

A lot of people often wonder what to serve with stuffed peppers because they’re light and often served as appetizers, so there’s usually a need to pair them with a dish or two.

If you’re making some of these vibrant stuffed veggies and looking for easy-to-make dishes to match them with, here are some of the things that will help you get started.

* Whip up Some Light Pasta.


If you’re serving some light stuffed peppers and would like to have some starch in your dish, pasta is a great second dish to make.

I once made spinach stuffed peppers with feta cheese and some olive oil-based pasta for dinner and my husband and kids loved it! I simply used frozen spinach for the stuffed peppers, and made some aglio e olio spaghetti <composed of garlic and olive oil>.

What I love about this pairing is that the spinach, feta cheese, and peppers match wonderfully with the light, olive oil based spaghetti dish. My kids actually just just combine all of them on the plate!

* Roast Some Russet Potatoes.


If you don’t feel like having pasta but want to incorporate some delicious carbs in the meal, you can also opt for some roasted potatoes.

I love mashed and baked potatoes, but the reason why I don’t want to serve the with the stuffed peppers is because of the lack of texture. Roasting potatoes gives them a wonderful crispiness, which complements the softness of the stuffed bell peppers.

I used my countertop convection oven to make this amazing roasted potato dish <it has since become my go-to recipe>. It does take a bit more time and have more ingredients than the usual roasted potatoes, but it’s worth it. I strongly suggest you check it out!

* Go Light with Some Homemade Chilled Salad.

What to Serve with Stuffed Peppers

If you’re making stuffed peppers with meat, you can go light on the other dish, like a hearty salad. You can get creative—you can serve a beautiful homemade Caesar salad, or quickly toss up some light mix with a simple vinaigrette.

If you have a bit more time, you can actually do two stuffed dishes. Check out this recipe of an acorn squash with quinoa that I made recently. It’s vibrant and healthy that both meat and veggie lovers will surely love.

If you’d like to add more protein, you can also make a simple egg salad! The great thing about this dish is you can keep it in the fridge for a few days, in case you have leftovers.

* Put Together a Vibrant Pasta Salad.


Pair the stuffed peppers with chilled pasta salad for a light and refreshing summer dish.

This is one of my personal favorites. I paired this once with quinoa-stuffed bell peppers and I loved how colorful the food on our table looked! It was delicious—healthy, too, as with the protein-packed quinoa and the vibrant veggies in the pasta.

You can work with whatever oil-based combination you want—mine was composed of arugula, green beans, olives, cherry tomatoes, and spiral pasta. Work with whatever’s in season--the more colorful the dish is, the better! 

* Bake or Get Store-Bought Crusty Bread.


If you’d like to go simple and light, just buy some good quality, crusty bread to pair with whatever stuffed peppers you’re having.

A crusty loaf of bread—such as rye, sourdough, or the classic French bread—adds another layer of great texture. You can serve it with some butter or dips like hummus or cheese sauce to add more flavors.

You can bake your own <check out this recipe—I tried it and got great results!>, but also feel free to just buy some from a bakery. The fresher, the better!

* Do an Alcohol Pairing with Beer, Wine, or Cocktails.


If you’re not sure what to serve with stuffed peppers, maybe the solution is to just eat them without the help of any side dish!

Stuffed bell peppers—whether they contain meat or veggies—are also excellent when they’re eaten on their own. If you don’t want to serve these with other dishes, you can simply pair them with alcohol—beer, wine, and cocktails, to be exact!

I love having stuffed bell peppers with some beer because they’re light, and can balance out the sweetness of the alcohol. This is an excellent light dinner or a late night snack.

If you’re not into beer or cocktails, you can also serve your stuffed peppers with wine! I prefer any type of fruity red wine, but white wines like chardonnay work great as well.

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Final Thoughts

I had a great time writing this article—I hope you had fun reading and learning from it!

There are really no rules when it comes to these types of recipes, so let your imagination run wild and get creative with your stuffed pepper pairings. Who knows--you just might be able to come up with a new kitchen staple!

If you have comments or suggestions, just send me a message! I’d love to hear what you think. Recommendations and recipes are most welcome as well.

Thank you for reading, and good luck on your recipes. Until the next dish!


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